The determination to use only traceable raw materials of the highest quality, developing a certified production chain, and meticulous, skilful workmanship have always been at the heart of everything we produce.

Made in Italy excellence

At Settebello, we produce calfskin for footwear and leather goods. This entails a process of constant transformation, painstaking refinement and meticulous attention to detail to ensure every single piece of leather is unique. In order to remain ahead of the curve and in line with changing trends, we invest in Research & Development in all aspects of our operation.

A certified supply chain

We keep tight control of the entire production process. We manage key phases such as tanning, re-tanning and finishing in house, and work only with trusted suppliers of raw hides, who must conform to our high standards when it comes to animal welfare and traceability. External providers of elements involving manufacturing elements are subject to regular second-party audits, while chemical product suppliers are selected and managed in line with prerequisites established by our internal Chemical Management system.

Research & Development

Our in-house physical chemistry lab is something we are particularly proud of.

A highly qualified team of specialists looks after every aspect with meticulous care, from analysing the treatments and drums of chemical products as they arrive to conducting physical performance tests on the finished hides.

Every batch produced is subjected to rigorous safety checks based on established sets of protocols.


The dynamic, entrepreneurial spirit of Conceria Settebello manifests itself in freedom of creation, innovation and the capacity to preserve and optimise oustanding skill and know-how. The result is exceptional independent craftsmanship that is second to none.