We have been producing hides since 1957 and have always been convinced that doing a good job doesn’t just mean delivering high-quality products, but also entails working in a way that respects the environment.

These are not just words. Our commitment has been recognised by a number of leading organisations in the sustainability field. Conceria Settebello was among the first companies in the sector to achieve certifications such as UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and UNIC Code of Conduct and Social Accountability. Other certifications include the latest EMAS Environmental Declaration, ICEC TS_410, which concerns the traceability of incoming leather, UNI ISO 45001 Safety Management System, the Leather Working Group audit, and the ethical claim “we recover our hides from the food chain” (ICEC TS 733). On top of all this, we also have ICEC certification, attesting our commitment towards sustainability.


That commitment drives us to increasingly ambitious goals, and to manage the process we created the role of Head of Sustainability who is charged with a wide mandate. This includes overseeing the correct implementation of corporate operational procedures, ensuring adherence to environmental regulations, researching sustainable policies and initiatives, establishing strategic and ambitious KPIs, developing sustainability awareness programmes, organising regular second-party audits of the supply chain and monitoring legislative compliance. The appointment of this valuable resource ensures we are always aware of new developments in the environmental field, whilst also allowing us to develop our own new projects and goals. We have also drawn up our own Sustainability Code, which summarises the values that inspire and guide our business practices.

This covers respect for the environment and people, product and employee safety, our code of ethics, animal welfare and supply chain traceability.

Last but not least, in the interests of transparency we have prepared our first sustainability report, which details our impact when it comes to economic, environmental and social sustainability, so that our stakeholders can be involved in the process of achieving the various objectives we set for ourselves.



UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System


UNI ISO 45001 Safety Management System


EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System


EMAS Environmental Declaration Registration


ICEC Sustainability Certification

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Leather Working Group audit record


ICEC TS_410 Certification of Raw Material Traceability


UNIC Social Accountability Certificate


Ethical claim: "We recover our hides from the food chain" (ICEC TS 733)



Settebello has always understood the need to respect the environment which is why we have invested heavily into this area for many years. For example, when we rebuilt our factory in 2006, we installed innovative productive machinery designed to deliver significant energy savings.

The tannery houses a cogeneration plant that produces its own electric and thermal energy, and runs on electricity that comes entirely from renewable sources, ie 100% green.

We do not stand still, however, and follow an action plan based on constant technological, product and process innovation

We monitor consumption closely and understand the precise environmental impact of every single machine, production phase and item being manufactured or processed. This is due to an innovative sensory-based system that meets Industry 4.0 standards and measures environmental impact and consumption in real time. We apply it across all departments, on every production line and plant because we believe that this is the way to accelerate reaching our goals and improving our action plans, and to give us a concrete, visible base upon which to plan and evaluate our initiatives for the future.

Our main goal is to prevent pollution, particularly when it comes to waste water discharges, atmospheric emissions, waste production, energy consumption and the use of chemicals.

Committed to transparency and the circular economy

The world is increasingly conscious of the need to address sustainability and the leather industry is no exception. In keeping with our commitment to transparency, at Conceria Settebello we annually publish details of our performance in terms of environmental impact and objectives in our EMAS Declaration. Also, in 2022 we drew up our inaugural Sustainability Report,yet another example of our ongoing commitment and actions.

A certified supply chain

Conceria Settebello has always done all it can to create a sustainable and safe supply chain that has minimal impact on the environment. All our raw materials are by-products of the food industry, coming from animals slaughtered for their food value, and this is confirmed by the new ethical claim certification “We recover our hides from the food chain” (ICEC TS 733). This certifies that the animals were not bred for their leather, but instead that the leather is recovered from what would otherwise become waste which would need to be disposed of. At Conceria Settebello, we closely monitor our supply chain, and this starts with the careful selection of our raw hide suppliers to ensure they meet certified stands when it comes to traceability and animal welfare. Our external partners are evaluated through periodic second-party audits to ensure they adhere to standards we have established in terms of ethics, sustainability, the environment and safety. As for suppliers of any chemical products we use, they are managed and selected in line with prerequisites set by our internal Chemical Management system.

Chemical management and product safety

At Conceria Settebello, we keep a constant eye on the safety of our products by means of document, analytic and quality checks, which we carry out with the help of our in-house laboratory, furnished with cutting-edge equipment and technology. When we created this lab in 2011, we were one of the first tanning companies to do so, staffing it with highly-qualified professionals with degrees in scientific disciplines and experience in R&D.

We are part of the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) programme, along with various other brand projects designed to eliminate “dangerous” chemical substances. We also carry out chemical-physical checks to ensure we can meet our clients’ requirements and verify that ever single batch of leather conforms in terms of performance.

All these initiatives are carried out in line with specific procedures set out in our Chemical Management System, developed and maintained by our expert in-house team that includes laboratory heads, the Head of Sustainability and technical staff from the finishing and drum departments. Every batch of products is subjected to rigorous safety controls based on clearly-defined procedures designed to ensure they meet the needs of our clientele.