Working in Settebello means sharing a certain mindset, an approach based on helpfulness, collaboration and respect for others and for the environment around us.
“What has always distinguished Conceria Settebello is a solid base, founded on values and principles handed down from father to son.

This is what has guided us for over sixty years, as the company and its employees have grown and developed. The true engine that drives our progress is the way we unite in the interest of our business.

We are absolutely convinced that teamwork and adding value to artisanal tradition are the prerequisites and starting point for every milestone we achieve. The decisions we make have always been taken after considering the community and environment around us.

We understand that a commitment towards sustainability is not just an objective,
but the greatest responsibility of any business that has the ability to create a better tomorrow.”
Marco Brogi

People at the heart of everything

Our strength lies in understanding and respecting a pillar that has guided us for over half a century, and that is the value of teamwork. The success of the business is the success of every one of us. Every milestone we achieve is due to a shared vision and mindset. We are not interested in resting on our laurels, instead we believe in the importance of constantly working towards the future, propelled by the added value offered by a workforce that is diverse in terms of culture, age and background. The values that guide the way we operate are a willingness to listen, reciprocal respect, cohesiveness, sensitivity and an open mind. They infuse everything we do each day, as part of our commitment to ongoing excellence, and we see how this approach adds value to the skillsets and professionalism of our people.

Looking towards the future

Everything that is produced in our tannery is the result of a constant process of research, so that we can offer our clients original, unique products that are designed to last.

A forward-looking approach is part of our DNA, and this is driven by the understanding that innovation comes from dialogue. We believe that our clients are not just looking for a supplier, but instead, want a professional partner and consultant who is a step ahead when it comes to understanding the needs of the market.

OUR COMMITMENT An artisanal model for sustainable development

Environmental, economic and social sustainability form the base of the Conceria Settebello philosophy, and translate as respect for rules, people and the environment.