An established business

Conceria Settebello has been proudly producing calfskin for footwear and leather goods for over 60 years.
We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service through the professionalism and technical expertise of our team. On top of this, we offer accurate budget analysis, meticulous production planning, reliable and efficient control management and total product traceability.

The train

Where does the name Conceria Settebello come from? Conceria is the Italian word for tannery, while Settebello is the name of a famous Italian-designed train that Silvano and Lido Brogi took in the early days as they travelled around Italy. These trips were sources of constant inspiration and marked the first steps the company would take on a long journey of growth that, like a train, moved indomitably ahead with dynamism and direction. The train is a symbolic part of our story, and even features in our logo, reminding us of our origins and paying homage to the founders who had the courage and strength to set out on their journey. Most of all, however, it serves to remind us to always keep moving ahead.

A family story

Conceria Settebello was founded in 1957 by Silvano and Lido Brogi who turned their entrepreneurial skills to creating an outstanding tannery. Their vision was to not only take up an extraordinary trade but to add value to it. Their spirit and name lives on today, with Silvano’s children, Marco and Antonella, at the helm as they guide the company towards new horizons.

What hasn’t changed since the times of Silvano and Lido is the deep-rooted belief that success comes only when you have a tight, united team.

This is the founding principle of our work and the reason we are able to carry on contributing to the history of experience, dedication and commitment to excellence that has so far embraced three generations.

MISSION & VISIONUnited towards a common goal

Working at Settebello is all about recognising the value of people, talent, professionalism and the environment. It is a continuous commitment towards achieving excellence, and it accompanies us every single day.